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Tarun Chakravorty
Posted Apr 24 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,
I'm having some trouble using the delay function in framer. Here is a gif of what I have so far:

What i want to do is have those arrows fadein _after_ the box in the middle slides in. But as you see in the gif, the arrows start fading in almost as soon as the boxes start sliding left right.

I am doing the following :

function moveBoxes(){

//animate x,y position using spring(500,90,500)

utils.delay(9000, fadeinArrows())
//change opacity in 300ms in this function


This should give plenty time between the boxes sliding into position and executing the function to fade the arrows no? Not sure whats going on here.


Tisho Georgiev

Take out the parentheses after fadeinArrows in your utils.delay call. It should read:

utils.delay(9000, fadeinArrows)

fadeinArrows (no parentheses) is just a reference to the function. It's like telling the delay util "I have this function named fadeinArrows and I want you to execute it after 9 seconds". When you put parentheses after the function name, you're actually executing it right away.

Tarun Chakravorty

this worked! Thank you so much!

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