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Koen Bok
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

Some people asked me how I use Framer with auto refresh so you get immediate visual feedback. Surely I use my own Cactus for that :-) I just added a template for Framer projects for Cactus. You can find it on the Github page below. Then just "File > New", "Open Existing..." and select the Framer template. It supports both Javascript and Coffee Script.

This one is bare bones, I'll also try to add one that support importing a Photoshop/Sketch based project in the near future.

PS. This works great on mobile too.


Koen Bok

You can find Cactus at:

Ale Muñoz

Nice! : )

Fran Pérez

Any plans in supporting Codekit?

Koen Bok

I'll happily take contributions :-)

Jorn van Dijk


Dave Crow
Bryan Clark

Awesome! Thank you!

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