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Ale Muñoz
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

I've just spent 5 minutes playing with this and I am amazed. Tisho Georgiev, you are *the* man :D


Tisho Georgiev

Thanks Ale. I was going to post this after I added a few screenshots and some examples, but it looks like you beat me to the punch :)

The presentation templates were meant to address the a few issues I've dealt with in presenting my prototypes to other people over the last year:

• When presenting mobile prototypes on a desktop browser, you need to establish context. Putting a device frame around your is a nice way of doing that. Managing the code to fake the frame, however, is cumbersome.

• When viewing prototypes on a mobile device, you want the prototype to feel as much like a real app as possible. This helps puts the user in a different frame of mind. Often I'd get completely different feedback from people that looked at my prototypes in a desktop browser vs having played with it on their iPad/iPhone.

• Making prototypes easy to share was absolutely essential. Send *one* link to people. Managing multiple versions of the same prototype (framed vs unframed) was a waste of time.

• Most people had never used the "add to homescreen" feature in mobile safari. I needed to save some time explaining what that does.

Now the first issue is already addressed by Josh Puckett's excellent FramerWebView, which was posted here last week. The rest, however, remained untackled, so I thought I'd share an alternative approach, which works for those who've dealt with the same problems in the past. I've been using a variation of this code for more than a year now, and it's worked out well.

So, enjoy!

Koen Bok

This is really nice!

Dave Crow

This is great! I dropped it in today and it feels so good to be able to use the prototype on my phone.

Dave Crow

One there a way to prevent the whole view from scrolling?

It seems that the status bar pushes the view down which results in the tab bar at the bottom being cut off. I can manually scroll it to be centered vertically in the viewport, but it's kind of a pain and makes things feel less realistic. So if there's a way to prevent the whole view from scrolling, that'd be great.

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