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Antoine Lefebvre
Posted Apr 04 - Read on Facebook

Hello to all,
I just discovered Framer, and I find that top Verily! THANK YOU!
For cons, I'd have a prototype that fits the width of the phone ...
My first test tend towards something like: = {width: "100%"}
But so far nothing conclusive
Someone should he succeeds?


Josh Puckett

Are you trying to set your NewsFeed view to be the width of the phone? It may be easier to declare this absolutely (view.width = 640).

Antoine Lefebvre

yes, it works well.
But I hope that is 100% lageur to occupy the full width regardless of the type of phone.

The method used above works well, but I find it hard to apply it on the example provided by framer. This is probably connected with the superview ...
But if I start from scratch, it works.

My question is rather whether someone has an example led to view or download?

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