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Josh Puckett
Posted Apr 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! I made a really quick web viewer for Framer prototypes over the weekend. It's pretty simple (basically loads a prototype in as an iFrame), but has some nice features (resize the browser, toggle iPhone color, backgrounds, etc). I've found it really useful and easy to send prototypes to people in a nicely presented format.

Check it out on Github:

I'll be adding more features/improving it over time, and would love to know what you all think!


Chris Kalani

Could you add an option to view it on a Motorola Krzr? It'd be super handy. I've been working on a bunch of Krzr and Razr apps.

Josh Puckett

Kalani, that's my next P0 actually, right after the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

Adam Kopec

Ah dude you rule.

Christophe Tauziet


Fraser Milne

Just in time for a design review , thanks Josh Puckett!

Chris Kalani

A few more things; Could we get an african american hand in there as well? And a to-scale version of the hulk holding the phone? It would also be cool if instead of me looking at the phone it's from the perspective of me looking over at someone sitting next to me on BART. Thanks, you da best

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