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Madelena Mak
Posted Mar 25 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone use Adobe Illustrator with Framer JS? Or is there an equivalent of Framer for SVG files? Thanks. :)


Johannes Eckert

I don't know of any plugin for illustrator, but, if you write the views yourself, you can put any image into it. I use illustrator a lot and you can just use svgs in your image views.

Johannes Eckert

However, there are some interesting tutorials on prototyping with d3.js to actually draw the whole prototype using svg elements

Madelena Mak

I'm exporting my AI files to PSD and export to Framer right now. It seems to work... fingers crossed. I definitely need to restructure my way of grouping objects in Illustrator first in order for this to work.

William Hutter

Have you tried Sketch app ? They have a plugin and it's a vector based tool.

Madelena Mak

Sketch is for Mac only, and Illustrator is way more powerful.

I can see how Sketch is easier to learn for someone coming from Photoshop or Keynote, but I had been using Illustrator for designing UIs for more than a decade.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Gary Jacobs

As an avid user of Illustrator and PS for 15+ years for UI design I can highly recommend you preserver with Sketch. Illustrator is more "powerful" than sketch for most things but sketch is far more powerful/ focused for UI design.

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