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Leung Cheuk Yung
Posted Mar 15 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I'm new to framerJS and currently working on a parallax demo after How could I set the scrollView not to bounce when the content reach its top or bottom? Here is my demo:


Johannes Eckert

in your applyParallaxEffect() try to execute the code only when scrollView.scrollFrame.y is above zero and below thirdSection.maxY — if I understand your code correctly

Johannes Eckert

eh, the maximum would be thirdSection.minY as that is the top of the last section

Leung Cheuk Yung

Sorry, I mean the bouncing behaviour of the original scrollView, which occurs even I am not applying any effects. How should I override the dragger behaviour in the scrollView on drag start?

Johannes Eckert

If below zero set to zero?

Craig Murray

Impressive Soon Leung. I'm curious how you ended up pulling off the parallax? Did you incorporate stellar.js, skrollr.js?

Leung Cheuk Yung

My demo was simply built upon Koen Bok's customised scrollView

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