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Tony May
Posted Feb 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, has anyone used the app.js from framer to compile a functional phonegap application?


Chad Lonberger

I know this is old but curious if you did attempt it Tony May

Koen Bok

Warning: Framer is not optimized for large, long running applications. I'm not sure how bad it will do but you will likely run into memory leaks. All fixable, but not our top priority now.

Chad Lonberger

Thanks for the heads up Koen Bok

Tony May

Chad Lonberger , we've moved to ionic as our mobile base platform. For animation and graphics we use css3 and svg It's been a great stack for the last 12 month, pm me if you want some more pm me if you want more info

Chad Lonberger

Hey Tony May, sent you a msg - might not have made it in your inbox though (check "other"?)

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