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Shreya Mehta
Posted Mar 07 - Read on Facebook

I am a student at savannah college of art and design. I am currently taking a interaction class focused on computer prototyping. My final for the class is making a mock up website look as real as possible. For this I am using Famer js. I know very little about coding but I am trying my best. I just was writing to you to ask some simple questions. Is framer a good tool to prototype an entire website? and if so the one problem I am running into is making my pages different lengths inside my body scroll. If you have any ideas or tips I would greatly appreciate your input.

Shreya Mehta


Stephen Crowley

For me, FramerJS is used to illustrate microinteractions (Dan Saffer has a nice book that talks about these) primarily for mobile but very well could work for desktop. I use this and other tools to demonstrate my ideas to development teams. What would otherwise be time consuming and complex as native code, FramerJS and other tools like it help convey a complex idea rather quickly to see if it's a viable solution. So in short, it depends. If your site is just static images without complex interactions I would look into something like Axure if learning to write markup (HTML/CSS) isn't in the cards.

Shreya Mehta

Well I already started on framer and its a bit too late to switch now. What I am looking to do is just make pages within a body scroll different lengths. Is there a way to do that?

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