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Panos Spiliotis
Posted Mar 04 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone,
is there a problem/bug in Framer.js related to bezier-curves?
It looks like Framer can't parse them correctly so they end up behaving like linear curves.
The error in the console is along the lines:
"Animation.parseCurve: could not parse curve 'cubic-bezier(.9,.2,.1,.8)' " in

I'm having the same problem with named curves like "ease-in-cubic", "ease-out-sine" etc.


Andreas Wahlström

hi! use "bezier-curve" instead of "cubic-bezier". might be an outdated example. don't think there's a preset for ease-in-cubic etc. in framer. try copying the curve values manually, instead:

Panos Spiliotis

Thank you Andreas Wahlström! As you said, it's probably an outdated example.

Koen Bok

Hey guys. The example is indeed borked. I'll fix it. The presets for bezier curves are "ease-in", "ease-out", "ease-in-out". Just use them like this curve: "ease-in".

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