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Noah Levin
Posted Feb 27 - Read on Facebook

Fun fact: today's Google Doodle for John Steinbeck was first prototyped with framer! Try this on an iPhone 5:

You'll see from the prototype that there were some things we were interesting in trying that we ran out of time for, like forcing landscape orientation and full bleed content. Funny thing about doodles though is that they have hard deadlines, so you can't miss the date! So not as much time for polish as I would've liked, but I think it came out really well — super fun side project, lucky to work with incredibly talented illustrator Mike Dutton and engineer Kris Hom on this.

The production code didn't use much of the framer code, cross-browser support being critical for us and all. ;-)

Framer source files for those interested:

Koen Bok


Koen Bok

This is really cool! Thanks a lot for posting! Anywhere we can see the live version? I can't find it here:

Matthew Sanders

This is great. Thanks for sharing a bit about the process. Was this your first doodle, Noah Levin?

Noah Levin

We'll update the doodle site shortly, Koen. In the mean time, does this work for you? -- it's US/Eng only, but should still be viewable with the right link.

Noah Levin

Matthew Sanders yup! Though I've worked with the team before on easter eggs.

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