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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

1000 members party anyone? Pretty exciting to see how fast this community has grown since I launched Framer a little less than a year ago. Thanks and keep it up.


Henny Breijer

Excellent news. Keep up the good work Koen !!!

Maximilian Kiener

Congratulations! I did once host an experimental Facebook birthday party. Someone brought strippers:

Marc Krenn

Don't wanna be *that* jerk, but organizing a physical FramerJS-party could prove itself a little bit tricky to arrange for such a global community - however, I like the idea of someone bringing strippers, though ;)

So as an alternative, how about a virtual CodeJam to celebrate this occasion? The results could be used as some additional examples to draw even more attention to framer and to give beginners a better starting point when getting started.

People could meet and help each other here or in Hangouts, Koen could give us a sneak peek at framer3 and maybe, I say maybe, someone will pay for a strip on one of those shoddy live-strip sites (j/k).

In case someone's interested in that idea, I'd even like propose a theme for that jam:

"FramerJS power ccccombos - How to incorporate additional JS-libs, tricks and hacks to blow your client's mind"

For example FramerJS
+presentation framework (I think there's a real need for that)
+social media and streaming stuff
+fluid and responsive layouts (think about Android/Tablet-hybrid apps)

Akshay Aurora

Party, when Framers ships with builtin Physics engine ;-)

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