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Koen Bok
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Great Framer feedback. A lot of things in here that I was not even realizing. Would love to hear your biggest annoyances with Framer so I can fix them :-)


Craig Murray

Great stuff. I agree - object cloning would be very handy!

Koen Bok

View cloning is definitely on the list.

Aaron Carámbula

Starting up a project always requires several minutes of adding my own tools, so an "include file(s) from location" in the framer app ui would be awesome.

Animations get verbose and redundant. Being able to set the default curve (like in app UI) would save beginners and veterans lots of typing.

Documentation. I pinged you I want to help on that, but I always just want a snippet of code and right now there are four places to check and none of them guarantee a good appropriate use case.

Regarding the layer group renaming, i find it helpful that it does it automatically… maybe you throw a dialogue and ask if you want framer to fix the names or stop and go fix them yourself?

Aaron Carámbula

oh and official/fixed up dragging (with optional inertia on release, optional resistance) and scrolling (i really just want to make thinks like the ios home screen, pull to search, app switcher…)

Fredrik Ampler

I miss a simple way to create larger prototypes with multiple states and simple transitions to move between them (like slides in a ppt). Right now I define states manually (setting views visible or not). Is there any best practice?

Marc Krenn

Hi Fredrik!
If you want a slide-like-behavior, you could try one of the many "presentation"-frameworks out there:

& (thanks Van Grosbeek)

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