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Florent Gosselin
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi there :) Trying to order my different views with index but it has no effect.
2 questions :
- How the index property work? Which type of value I should give?
- Should I use style property with z-index instead?
Thanks a lot for help !


Koen Bok

All that the indexing methods do underneath is changing the z-index. Should be easy to investigate what is going wrong with the web inspector. If you find a bug I'd love to know :-)

Florent Gosselin

In the inspector, all my view´s div have a 0 z-index even if I use index:4 property :-/

Koen Bok

That is very odd. I would expect others to run into this too. Are you using the latest javascript lib?

Stephen Meszaros

Im running into the same issue. Did you have any luck figuring it out Florent Gosselin

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