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Marc Krenn
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook


This is my first framer.js project - a recreation of Youtube's "drag down to minimize"-player. Maybe some of you may find it helpful, who knows :)

However, be warned though! This is my first programming-job in years, after having dabbled around with Processing a long, long time ago. The code is far from being elegant and pretty, also it's seems like there's a bug* when running it in Chrome - so you should better be using Safari instead.

Since I'm not a (paying) member of CodePen, I can't upload it there. Instead, you can grab it from my Dropbox:



If you like it, feel free to rehost (on CodePen, for example). And thanks for the great work Koen, can't wait for framer3!


* when scaling down via to 75% via "CMD" + "-", some graphics are not displayed properly.


Daan van Klinken

Marc Krenn #protip: Upload the files to a public dropbox folder, then you can link to the index.html demo right away.

Marc Krenn

Thanks Daan for the #protip. TBH, I didn't know that's even possible, so here you go:

Daan van Klinken

Marc Krenn np. Awesome prototype btw! Are you going to add the horizontal swipe (to close the video) as well?

Marc Krenn

Yes, I can do that if you want, but don't hold your breath :)

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