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Henry Freel
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
So I'm pretty new to Framer, but I'm working on some prototypes. When I view them through my browser the interactions and animations work great. However, when I view them on my iphone5 it's very slow and glitchy.

Any tips?


Cemre Güngör

Post it to codepen and give us a link :)

Henry Freel

Well heres one of the examples that I started to learn from, even it doesn't really work on the phone. For example, it takes about 20 seconds to load and sometimes some scrolling sections don't work.

Katie Boyd

I have had this same experience! Beautiful in the desktop browser, slow on the phone.

Cemre Güngör

Hmm. This example doesn't have the right tap handlers, so it's lagging.

Cemre Güngör

When you use the click event is lags on mobile, you should use touchend

Cemre Güngör

Henry: loading speed isn't related to framer. Maybe your server has limited bandwidth?

Henry Freel

sweet, I'll give it a shot. thanks!

Aaron Carámbula

Also check out fastclick.js mentioned elsewhere here. It makes click fast on touch.

Julius Tarng


Koen Bok

I should probably add this to the docs huh?

Alex Hazel

Only thing you need to make taps fast on mobile is the use of touchstart or touchend. If you use "click" there is like a 500ms click delay that is associated with the event. You don't need to use some third party framework to fix it.

Henry Freel

Thanks for the help, this is fun. Still having some pretty slow loading times on the images, but tried on a different server and it was worse so it might be mine. But also noticing that a scrollable section works on web but not on mobile.

Koen Bok

Scroll views on mobile don't emit the scroll even (for perf reasons). Could that be what you are seeing?

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