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Johannes Bühl
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey Group,
I try to call an animation on scroll position x.
With a generated scroll view it works fine, but in my case I need the scroll position from a PSD group. I thought, I converted it with the layer name "scroll" in a scroll view, but PSD.myLayerName.on("scroll" [...] don’t work. What is my failure?


Koen Bok

Are you sure your scroll view has a mask so it knows what to clip?

Johannes Bühl

Hey Koen, thanks for your fast reply. Sorry, I think I explained to less. The PSD group is definitely a scroll view, I can scroll it. But I can’t call an action. Now I tried a little bit more and: dadadadaaaa, there it is. My failure was: I used in the layer group the wrong term “myLayerName Scroll” (I thought, I saw it in your Video). The result was, I can’t give them an action. The right way is “myLayerNameScroll”.

Thanks for your really great tool, I am a graphic designer and I love to play with it and see the static layouts come to life.

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