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Henrique Alves
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi chaps, I'm probably asking this question again :) How can I get the "transitionend" event of an animated view?


Koen Bok

You need to get this from the animation rather then the view so something like:

a1 = view.animate({...})
a1.on("end", function() {...})

Koen Bok

Maybe I'll add this even to the view too in the future, but in theory a view could have multiple animations at the same time that's why I didn't add that in the first place.

Henrique Alves

Thanks Koen! Yeah it does make sense for me. I hear you, a "endAll" in the view with multiple animations would be a nice to have but I can't really think now one good reason to add such complexity.

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