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Hichem Fend'
Posted Dec 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,

Trying to figure out how to make Framer work on a Windows 7 with no luck. All I'm getting is empty "framer" and "images" folders next to my Photoshop Document.

- Downloaded the script from here:
- Made sure a PSD with groups is open.
- And then ran the script.

Am I missing something?


Koen Bok

Any errors?

Hichem Fend'

Hey Koen,
Double-clicking the scipt is silent, however using the File > Scripts > Browse function in PS CS4 gives me this:

Koen Bok

Ah yeah, but we only support CS6+. Sorry :-/

Hichem Fend'

Ah that's it then. Anyway, thanks Koen, Framer sure is a nice tool :)

Lincoln Doyle

I was able to get framer to run without error cs5 via Adobe ExtendedScript Toolkit.

Lincoln Doyle

Maybe try the cs4 estk aswell as the most recent.

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