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Miki Setlur
Posted Nov 11 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to animate from one scroll position to another in a ScrollView? Couldn't seem to get that to work...


Udi Gindi

I'm trying to figure it out too...

Ismael Gonzalez

I'm doing it right now by using draggable util in FramerJS and directly moving the elements by x or y properties

Eugene Morozov

Draggable doesn't change the position of the scrollbar thumb, it just changes the position of the element relative to its container. So, say you would move the element 100px up and try to scroll back to reveal it, you wouldn't be able to do so. Koen Bok, any tips on that?

Craig Murray

Having a hard time understanding what you're going for. Got a Codepen to reference?

Eugene Morozov

In other words: is there a jquery's ScrollTo analogue in framerjs? Simply changing the position of the element won't cause the scrollbars to move.

João Paulo Rocha Lages

Eugene Morozov. Did you find anything like that? I'm searching for that too!

Eugene Morozov

I don't think so. But you could use jquery in conjunction with framer. I think, I did the prototype in jquery 10 months ago, it was a very simple demo.

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