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Fredrik Ampler
Posted Dec 06 - Read on Facebook

Sorry for this stupid syntax question: I don't understand how to use bringToFront(). Please tell me how to make "myView" on top of all other views... "bringToFront(myView);" clearly isn't doing it. Thanks!


Koen Bok


Koen Bok

But it will be on top of all "sibling views"

Fredrik Ampler

great, thanks! And if they are not siblings I have to list them specifically using myView.placeBeforeView(specificView)?

Fredrik Ampler

I'm swapping in sidepanels without knowing which particular view is currently

Fredrik Ampler


Aaron Carámbula

No, Koen is warning you that if you have views a, b, and c inside of parentView A, but A is behind another view Z, bringing c to front will only put it above a and b, not Z

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