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Johannes Eckert
Posted Dec 06 - Read on Facebook

I don't get it … why are my views not overlaying, they are all set to x,y 0 …


Tisho Georgiev

On line 15 you're setting the class of a new section to 'section'. When creating a view, Framer adds the class 'framer' to the element holding the view, which sets up some basic styles and positioning. When you set your 'section' class, you're overriding the 'framer' class, so you lose positioning.

In order to have a custom class, you need to set 'class: "section framer"' to get the expected behavior. I've dealt with this before and it's always seemed to me like a bug.

Koen Bok

This is a nice one for me to fix. I can see how you miss this easily and waste time.

Johannes Eckert

Ah thanks! in this prototype I want to mix in HTML and css more and not create everything in framer. However, that also shows that the framer css (setting position: absolute and top: auto) is incompatible with my custom position: sticky; (updated the pen so you see the effect).

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