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Masato Miura
Posted Nov 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,

Huge fan of framer.js from Japan. Such a great project =)

Currently I'm stucked and wondering if I can get little help here. I'm new to JS but would love use Hammer.js with framer.js to provide proper swipe detection.

Here is what I'm working on for android mobile device:

Now, when you hover left sidebar, menu will appear. After that, if you hover right sidebar, menu will disappear.

I'm trying to replace left sidebar hover to swipe-right, and right sidebar hover to swipe-left by using hammer.js.

Any suggestions by any chance? Your advice would be really appreciated.


Gadzhi Kharkharov

Check out this tutorial by Cemre Güngör

Masato Miura

Thank you for your link. This is really helpful.

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