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Daan van Klinken
Posted Nov 24 - Read on Facebook

How to bring a Sketch-view on top of a “new” view?

I am making a prototype with exported views from Sketch, then I drew a new view (“Circle”) in app.js on top of the views from Sketch. Now I want to bring one view from Sketch (“PSD.Delete”) on top of the view I drew (“Circle”) in app.js.

I tried bringToFront(), changing the Z-index of both views, but couldn’t get it to work.



Kevin Anderson

Have you tried placeBefore(view)?

Daan van Klinken

Kevin Anderson Yes, I've tried PSD.Delete.placeBefore(Circle)

Daan van Klinken

Found a workaround: draw the view in Sketch, give it a border-radios in app.js. Thanks Kevin Anderson!

Bart Baekelandt

Good busy, Daan.

Bart Baekelandt

It's empty, Daan.

Daan van Klinken

Bart Baekelandt weird, try refreshing.

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