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Cemre Güngör
Posted Nov 25 - Read on Facebook

We have an update to Sketch-Framer! You can now export hidden layers, which become hidden in Framer after being exported. Just append & at the end of the layer name. Works well for maintaining different states in your mock.


Cemre Güngör

thanks to justin maxwell for the idea

Carri Craver

This is awesome

Koen Bok

Is there a specific reason you guys chose to do the & name thing? Why wouldn't we just use the visibility setting on the layer group from Photoshop/Sketch?

Koen Bok

Anyway, this is smart. I'll add this to the Photoshop version too.

Cemre Güngör

You're right koen, actually maybe we should just export all hidden layers

Craig Murray

Any chance us PS users can get something similar? Would be immensely handy.

Andreas Wahlström

on a similar note: would be nice if views/groups with lowered opacity were exported opaque, and then had the opacity property set in framer instead.

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