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Ester Serrano
Posted Nov 21 - Read on Facebook

Hi all.
Congrats for the tool, it's pretty amazing.
Discussing about it with some colleagues we thought that being able to export SVGs from Sketch and editing them through code could be a pretty nice functionality. That would allow animations that include change of color or shape, for example. Did you think about it?


Koen Bok

Shape and/or path animations can't be done in Framer for now, but I would definitely like to add them at some point. Right now you can of course mix Framer with another library that does do svg/shape animations like d3 or raphael.

Ester Serrano

Great, thanx. I will try that for now : )

Koen Bok

Cool, if you find a nice way to do things combined with another framework let me know.

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