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Craig Murray
Posted Nov 15 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys: I'm looking to do a similar (parallax-like view swipe) effect on a set of images, much like Yahoo weather's app.

I found this script:

I was wondering if it's possible to pull something like this off using Framer exclusively?


Koen Bok

Look for the parallax example below...

Craig Murray

I must be overlooking it, Koen Bok ...can you link me to what you're referencing?

Koen Bok

Made it into a code pen example:

Craig Murray

Sorry Koen Bok, I don't follow how this relates to the Yahoo weather example. Am I missing something?

Koen Bok

It's another visual presentation but it shows the basic technique of listening to a scroll view and using that value to position another view.

Craig Murray

Oh, OK. Thanks.

Fredrik Ampler

I guess the problem is that this doesn't work on mobile?

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