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Eugene Kudashev
Posted Nov 11 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. I've made an animated prototype in After Effects recently, and now I'm wondering how I would've created it in Framer. Here is the animation:
The thing I'm mostly concerned with is how I would create the rapid motion-blurred scrolling. Regarding the scrolling itself, I guess I have to imitate y-axis change with JS—is that right, Koen? Now, I have no idea which way to go with the blurring thing. Any ideas?


Eugene Kudashev

I've found a fascinating motion blur done with three.js:

Cemre Güngör

What does the blur look like in the platform you're prototyping for? Is it an iOS thing? Sounds cool, I've never seen it :)

Koen Bok

Motion blurs would be pretty hard to do in both Framer and Cocoa. It's a pixel effect that ideally needs to know what the next/previous pixels look like, taking into account only the elements that are animating. This is easy to do with a video or video editing tool because all the motion is linear/predictable.

That said, the effect in your demo is basically just keeping the last few frames around with less opacity and you could emulate something like that in Framer:

Play with the numbers at the top to see how it works exactly.

Koen Bok

The codepen thing sometimes slows down animations so the effect can look a little different each time :-/ sorry.

Eugene Kudashev

That's sweet, thanks. One more lesson learned.

By the way, how do you like the ideas behind this video (explained in full in the article)? I'd especially like to hear your feedback on the whole _rethinking the news feed_ thing, given that you are a Facebook product designer.

Koen Bok

I _was_ a Facebook product designer. But there are lots of people here that currently are :-)

Eugene Kudashev

Oh, whatevs, I'd still like some feedback. Waiting, then, patiently and silently ;)

Joe Hsia

I'll add in my 2 cents for whatever it's worth. I think conceptually, the idea really helps if the contents feed is truly personalized and relevant at all times. I can't imagine something like Twitter as a source of always having relevant contents, and thus a one-tap access to the last post or content I read is not essential. To me this concept caters to the heavy mobile users. I also imagine majority of the services that uses feeds/streams as a content consumption experience are cross-platforms. Thus, if a service was to adopt this concept, it would be awesome to remember users' footprint from where they last read on mobile app, web, mobile web, etc.

Eugene Kudashev

Totally agree on the consistent cross-platform experience point.

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