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Lincoln Doyle
Posted Nov 05 - Read on Facebook

Windows user here.. am I just outta luck? Or are there any workarounds?


Aaron Carámbula

give the group a search for windows, I think some people have worked this out

Aaron Carámbula

and welcome!
Also, with or without the plugin, framer is totally usable. I use it all the time with the new Photoshop CC generator pumping out updated PNGs that I call into imageviews that I write with just a little code.

Lincoln Doyle

Thanks, glad to be here, fell in love at first sight haha. Yeah, just trying to get the plugin to work.

Tried searching & the few posts were rather vague &/or not promising.

If not, I'll just run a vm osx.

Koen Bok

Maybe it's time to make a faq and direct download link with this :-)

Koen Bok


Lincoln Doyle

Perfect. Thanks Koen, love the project, this is just too cool.

Gabriel Lovato

FYI, if you put the .jsx in the Scripts folder inside your Photoshop folder in Windows, it'll stay as a menu item in File -> Automation

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