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Johannes Eckert
Posted Nov 05 - Read on Facebook

btw a fadeout transition would be super helpful. I always end up having to animate opacity and after it ends make sure to also set .visible = false. is there a trick doing this in one step?


Nicholas Evans

You could animate to "opacity : 0" and then use the "end" event to issue a call back to set the visible property to false;

Johannes Eckert

Yes that's what I am doing all the time and it makes the code so much longer. I also had issues by reversing it. Calling visible true and immediately animating it didn't return any visible result

Koen Bok

I would just make a nice little function for yourself that you can easily re-use. Maybe build a small library of your own effects.

Johannes Eckert

that is true actually, like Cemre Güngör is doing it

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