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Dominique Briggs
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Has any delivered or knows of production level apps built with Framer?


Koen Bok

I wouldn't recommend it because 1) I offload everything to the gpu, also what you don't animate and that is not great 2) it only works in modern webkit browsers.

I think both could be solved though, but it will take quite some work.

Thomas Aylott

I wouldn't use it in production until it has better browser support. Then again, a lot of people ship production code that supports way fewer browsers than Framer does.

Dominique Briggs

Thanks for the comments! Yeah my post here was premature. Realise now as I use framer more that it's an effective prototyping tool as opposed to developing production level assets. Some sort of 'export animation' function would be cool to be used in production.

I'd be interested to know where we can get the spring() function from to use outside of framer? I can see a referenced in framer.js.

Great tool anyway that I'll definitely be using, thanks for creating it!

Andrés Felipe Rendón Hernández

Actually, having the spring function() free to implement, would be a nice thing.

Thomas Aylott

Facebook recently open sourced the spring system we used in Facebook Home and Chat Heads. It's mostly Android, but there is a JS version in there too. It's called rebound. I posted the link as a comment in a separate thread.

Dominique Briggs

Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for!

Andrés Felipe Rendón Hernández

Thank you Thomas Aylott.

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