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Taylor Rogalski
Posted Nov 01 - Read on Facebook

Hey all - has anyone been able to resolve performance of prototypes on Android? Chrome on my HTC One is pretty abysmal.


Thomas Aylott

For now you may want to just go grab a beefier device from the device library. Chrome beta on an S4 seems to be plenty smooth for me. I've been using all onAlways stuff though, animations may not be as smooth.

Taylor Rogalski,HTC-One/phones/7597,7678 Seems comparable to me. I'll see how performance varies over a wider array of prototypes. Edit: I forgot I actually have an s4 as a test device. Will give that a shot as well and report back.

Thomas Aylott

Sorry, I thought you meant HTC First.

Taylor Rogalski

Same meaning, different words. Gets me every time.

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