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Igor Safonov
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys!

I have several vertical scrollViews inside of a big horizontally draggable view. Horizontal container is made for the navigation, this way I can swipe through these scrollViews.

I'm using Events.DragMove, DragEnd etc for the horizontal container and the problem is that on iPad there is no difference between scroll and drag, the horizontal container is starting to move when I scroll the scrollView and vice versa.

Is there a way to solve this? Thank you in a advance, Framer is a great tool, the best there is for the complex UI prototyping.


Johannes Eckert

ha ha how funny my prototype is very similar, but I gave up on that one ,-)

Koen Bok

Hmmm just guessing and without seeing the actual prototype I would say your problem might be rooted in js event bubbling. If you started scrolling one of the sub views, you wan't the outer scroll view to not receive the events any more. So I can imagine you catch the DragMove event, see if the dragging is vertical only (meaning you want to scroll only that subview) and do an event.preventDefault(). This is my favorite doc on js events:

This is just guessing. If I'm completely off, share the prototype and I can look what happens exactly.

Juan Ignacio Serra

I've read all the threads trying to found a solution for this problem, and I've found it in other site. In case anyone is interested:

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