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Aaron Carámbula
Posted Nov 28 - Read on Facebook

Minor performance tip: mobile safari performs "touchend" instantly on a touch release and "click" events on a slight delay. If you want a native feel, go for touchend.

If you have other tips, or a better hack for this, please share!


Aaron Carámbula

thanks to Matej for finding this issue and helping me troubleshoot it.

Dominique Briggs

We use fastclick.js from Financial Times dev team. This way you can still bind to click events to work on your desktop browser (without turning on touch events in the dev tools). The clicks are then speeded up as though it were a touch end event when on a touch enabled device.

Aaron Carámbula

oh great resource, thanks!

Julius Tarng

fastclick is super pro you should have it on your production websites too

Craig Murray

Do any of you have an example you can share using fastclick.js and Framer?

Scott Savarie

Another hack for this:

PSD.yourElement.on("touchend", function() {

PSD.yourElement.on("click", function() {

Tested this out and it works on desktop (without having to interpret touch events, and works on mobile with no lag.

Also tried this which didn't work...
PSD.yourElement.on("touchend" || "click", function() { ...

Koen Bok

This is undocumented, but Events.TouchEnd should work for both mouseup and touchend. See:

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