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Renato Valdés Olmos
Posted Oct 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, just started converting UI assets to Sketch and want to use Framer with it. Any of you have positive experiences with Framer + Sketch instead of PS?


Cemre Güngör

Yup google sketch framer

Cemre Güngör

There's a working plugin :)

Renato Valdés Olmos

Thanks guys, works like a charm.

Simon Ludwig

downloaded the beta of sketch, now it works just fine! thx

Cemre Güngör


Carri Craver

Yes. I've been using Sketch about 3 months (switched from 5+ years of Fireworks/PS) and Framer.js for 2 days. I love both together.

For me Sketch is so much faster than using PS or even Fireworks. And now starting to use Framer.js for prototyping is wonderful. I love the details of the interactions it makes me think about BEFORE I hand over things to developers.

Andreas Wahlström

Just wanted to point out that the latest Sketch beta now allows you to group single layers, which makes Framer.js structuring much easier than before :)

Giedrius Jaloveckas

As far as I know, grouping single layers was already possible in earlier version. How they changed it?

Andreas Wahlström

True. It's been there a few betas back. Not in stable, though iirc

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