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Cemre Güngör
Posted Oct 28 - Read on Facebook

Woo! Hope to introduce more folks to Framer.


Aaron Carámbula

This is fantastic!

Carri Craver

I am very hopeful for possibilities.

One tip. I just went through the installing the script part from the instructions on the Sketch Framer GitHub page. And got hung up because I have Sketch installed through the AppStore.

installing Scripts
If you're running Sketch from the App Store, it will be sandboxed, so you'll have to put your scripts in ~/Library/Containers/com.bohemiancoding.sketch/Data/Library/Application Support/sketch/Plugins instead.

I almost gave up. But after about 2 hours figured out. Excited to finally try exporting my first file.

Thanks for all the instructions so far!

Cemre Güngör

Carri Craveroops! i'll add it in the instructions. we're developing the extension with beta sketch so we were suggesting people to install it to the first step.

Carri Craver

Gotcha. I missed that detail.

Should this work with Sketch if I have purchased it?

Cemre Güngör

Yup the beta works if you have a license

Carri Craver

Ok. Finally got this working (switching to the beta was the last step I needed).

This will definitely enhance the way I work with my team. Really amazing! So excited to churn out interactive comps that work just how I want them to. Big Thx!

Cemre Güngör


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