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Aaron Carámbula
Posted Oct 29 - Read on Facebook

I saw Drew's post about Android and wanted to point iOS users to Clear Browser. It's a little awkward but gives full screen (hides the status bar). Swipe at the bottom of the screen to get buttons, star your prototypes to get them in the history/bookmarks screen. The performance has been impressive for a web view.

If anyone knows a better app, please share!


Julius Tarng

ohhh i like that their pro model has things like disabling bouncing and scaling and stuff

Julius Tarng

but lol at "What's New in Version 1.8
- Added QR Code Sharing & Scaning"

Julius Tarng

"We've always wondered why QR Code scanning wasn't integrated in browsers - they are a logical fit. With Clear Browser, you can now share and scan QR codes to URLs directly from within the same app. No more jumping and fumbling around with a dedicated QR code reader! "

Julius Tarng


Aaron Carámbula

ha! Yeah… I'm pretty sure they also announced they're discontinuing work on it, so yeah, very savvy folks. But hey, no status bar!

Thomas Aylott

If only you could generate a standalone iOS and Android app directly from Photoshop, including installing it and automatic updating.

Noah Levin

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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