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Daniel Jacoby
Posted Oct 16 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to view the newsfeed demo (and others) directly on mobile - to no avail. Tried iPhones, Androids. Even viewing it on the FTP or dropbox won't work. Only dragging the local html file to the browser seems to work.
Any ideas?


Aaron Carámbula

It sounds like you did, but just to be sure, this was asked previously:

I've never had a problem uploading the project (framer's generated index, app.js, framer folder, images folder) to ftp and pointing mobile safari at that URL.

Daniel Jacoby

Tried it, it won't work - neither from the computer nor from mobile.

Aaron Carámbula

Hmm I'm not sure what to say. As with any troubleshooting, the more information the better. Try sharing links to what you have tried, or describing what it is showing or not showing and where.

This is a community of professionals; not a lot of spare time to give support, though we want to help.

Daniel Jacoby

Thank You for your help and sorry if i was short on the info.
here are the things i have tried:
Running the demo from FTP server:
Running the demo from dropbox:

i simply took the whole "newsfeed" demo and copied it to the public folder.

Since opening the file (locally) direct from browser is the only way that works, i was wondering if i'm missing something.

Koen Bok

Hey Daniel. A few things are going on here. The examples on the site use an iframe for embedding in the rest of the site, so they don't really work nicely on mobile from the homepage.

But you can link to them directly like this to try them on mobile:

Uploading to your own site like you did should totally work but there was a bug. I just fixed it, so if you download an example now it should work. Sorry for that.

Daniel Jacoby

Thanks Koen! Now it works great. I wonder if the performance will be affected when using Retina-ready graphics.

Aaron Carámbula

Sweet! Glad this worked out.

Koen Bok

In my experience Framer is really performant on retina iPhones. It uses the same hardware acceleration as everything else.

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