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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 15 - Read on Facebook

Just updated Framer to 1.5 with Filters and a bunch of other fixes. You can download it from the site or check for updates from within the app.

Filter docs:
Filter demo:


Koen Bok

By 1.5 I mean the app. The Framer js file is 2.x. I should probably match those up.

Thomas Aylott

That's so epic! I missed the announcement that browsers were capable of this now. Seems like even mobile chrome on Android has it

Thomas Aylott

It'll be interesting combining those filters with the onalways stuff. Imagine binding the hue rotation to the position so that the color of a thing depends on where it is on screen. That could be neat

Aaron Carámbula

This is great! I'm not sure the docs pushed. Edit: i see it now

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