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Thomas Aylott
Posted Oct 12 - Read on Facebook

Framer Photoshop Extension Update.

• Implemented Koen's design
• Fixed image caching issues
• Infuriation potential reduced by adding a crappy workaround for horrific keyboard focus issues (Adobe has been informed)
• Added a Show Files feature
• Other things too probably

V1 will be Mac OS X only. I hope to add Windows support ASAP, but I need to focus on the basics for now.

Private alpha #4 was released a few seconds ago to a handful of brave souls. If all goes well I should be able to open up private beta testing to a few more people next week. I'll be at Facebook HQ most of that week.


Scott Boms

While you're at it, can you fix the horrific tabbing behavior between fields in the Transform palette in Illustrator for me man. I've mentioned this to a few Adobe peeps over the years (yes, years). Pretty please :P

Thomas Aylott


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