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DanI Oliver
Posted Oct 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys!

I've been struggling with mobile prototyping for a while and framer looks like an awesome solution!
I've been playing with it for some weeks now... But unfortunately I don't know much about js, and I'm not getting good results :(
I was thinking on starting a study group in london: come up with a basic prototype project and maybe meet a couple of afternoons per week till the project is done. I could document the whole process in a blog or smtg, so it would be easier for non-coder designers (like me) get started with framer, and spread the word among other designers.
Now the question is: Would any of you guys be interested in teaching/coaching/helping in the project?


Koen Bok

I'd be happy, but London is still a bit far away from Amsterdam :-) Meanwhile, the courses at code academy helped a ton of people I know to learn javascript.

Thomas Aylott

Have you ever played with quartz composer? A lot of non coding designers seem to get productive with it in not to long. I've been thinking about integrating NoFlo with Framer. That would be the best of both worlds

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