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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 11 - Read on Facebook

I added experimental support for setting and animating css filters this morning. This lets you do things like blur, saturate, hue rotation etc. Great for prototyping some iOS7-y effects.

You can try it out by replacing your current framer.js file with the latest one from Github. Then, you can start using it like any other property as in view.blur = 10. Safari seems a bit more performant then Chrome.


Koen Bok

Here is a nice overview of all available filters:

Aaron Carámbula

Sweet! When do you see this landing in production? Can we help get it there?

Koen Bok

It's super easy to use right now, just replace the framer.js in your project with this one:

Koen Bok

If a few people do that and it seems I did not do anything stupid I'll put it in the production app early next week.

Koen Bok
Florian Pnn

Can we do blur background with that?

Koen Bok

Yep. Make a background view and blur it.

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