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Florian Pnn
Posted Oct 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys,
Need a little help for a project, how to transform a View into a Scrollview easily? I succeed by changing the overflow property but maybe there is a better way to do it?
I export from Sketch if that can help you, thanks!


Aaron Carámbula

I'm looking at the source for a better way, but here's a proposal:

Instantiate a new ScrollView based on your ImageView and modify it from there.

For instance, for a view from Sketch called sketchView:

scrollingSketchView = new ScrollView(sketchView); // Take all the properties of the original image view and apply it to a new scroll view
sketchView.visible = false; // Hide the original.

An alternative would be to create a new ScrollView and set it as the superView of your ImageView.

Florian Pnn

Thanks a lot!
Now it's clear for me, one more question ;
I'm duplicating view but is there a way to change the name of the view easily?
Something like = ...; ?

Florian Pnn

Found it, sorry guys for the question, next time I'll test before asking :D

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