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Thomas Aylott
Posted Oct 09 - Read on Facebook

Framer Photoshop Extension status: It doesn't work yet, but almost.

I shipped the alpha version to a few people last night. Initial reports seem to indicate that the installation and setup process needs some work. In other words, Adobe Extension Manager wouldn't install it and after manually installing it it wouldn't actually run.

So now I'm working on getting that part working.

The good news is that I drastically simplified the code, so Windows support should be a lot easier to do now. Also, it's not limited to Framer. I plan to use this panel as the basis for my Quartz Composer integration also. More on that later…


Koen Bok

So I just tried this out and while very alpha, this will be very cool when done. Windows support, no separate app, right in photoshop, and maybe even live updates when you change something in Photoshop.

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