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Thomas Aylott
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

Photoshop→Framer 2 for Windows status…

I started working on Windows support last night.

The automatic Generator installation process doesn't work on Windows for security reasons. So, I had to tweak the installer to drop the Generator plugin on the desktop with a README that tells you how to manually install it. Not as bad as it could have been.

For some reason, Generator for Photoshop on windows only works in the x86 version, the x64 version doesn't seem to support Generator.

Once I got the plugin installed, I ran into another problem. I forgot that the node.js side of things requires some native extensions. So, I had to install Visual Studio and python and some stuff on my Surface pro.

So, that's where I'm at for now. I should only need to recompile a single node.js module for windows and then add some code to automatically switch native modules depending on the machine you're running on. I plan to do that stuff, but not before finishing the alpha of the Mac version, sorry.