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Thomas Aylott
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

Update: Framer Photoshop extension progress.
It has been taking me longer than expected to finish the new Framer Photoshop exporter, but for good reasons.

I was originally going to make a Mac app that talks to Photoshop. Instead, I'm now making a proper Photoshop extension that is always available from within Photoshop itself. Windows support should now be easier.

One advantage of this approach is that the getting started process is a lot easier. Simply double-click the zxp file and install with Adobe Extension Manager. Then when you relaunch Photoshop you can use it immediately. No need to manually activate anything in the prefs or remember to launch a separate app.

I plan to open source the core extension as a separate boilerplate project so that anyone can make a Photoshop extension with a node.js backend and an HTML5 frontend in about 5 minutes. The Framer extension is just the first of many.


Jason Foral

Very exciting news!

Thomas Aylott

Jason Foral was a big reason why I made the switch to an extension instead of a Mac app.

Aaron Carámbula

Sweet! What sort of estimate on that? When it lands I will teach it at boot camp.

Thomas Aylott

I expect to get a few people using it this week, but that's what I said last week. I'll be in MPK to talk about it and other things on the 16th–22nd of this month.

Andrés Felipe Rendón Hernández

Awesome thanks! i almost bought a Mac just for this, just kiddin'... no, seriously. xD

Thomas Aylott

Once I tried the wacom pen in Photoshop on the Windows surface pro I knew I'd have to start supporting Windows

Andrés Felipe Rendón Hernández

True Story! Cheers.

Koen Bok

How do non (ex) fb people test it? :-)

Koen Bok

And who is doing the UI for it?

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