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Andrés Felipe Rendón Hernández
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone, this framework is awesome!... but i gotta ask is there any plan of make the app available for PS + Windows development combo?, Koen, you're the man! Thanks on front...


Koen Bok

I don't have plans for this, but people do use it on windows. You can read how a few posts back.

Koen Bok

I think Thomas upcoming plugin might be cross platform, so that should solve it.

Andrés Felipe Rendón Hernández

Yay! Thomas Aylott wrote about his R&D an extension for Photoshop, after i made this post... but thanks for taking the time for reply to me. Kudos

Thomas Aylott

I was originally going to comment here but decided to make it a post instead

Andrés Felipe Rendón Hernández

Good call.

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