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Craig Murray
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

Having issues with a button I've targeted with onClick event. In PS I have the fill set to 0% so it's not visible. When I run the prototype in the browser the button is not clickable.

Can I not have a view thats fill is set to 0% be interactive?


Aaron Carámbula

Does it work when it is not 0%? I believe framer won't get the dimensions properly if there are no pixels to set the bounds. If you hit esc in the browser you should see the views and I'd bet your button isn't the size/shape you want.

You can easily set the opacity to zero in code.

PSD["buttonlayergroupname"].opacity = 0

Koen Bok

Also make sure the view is not covered by another view.

Craig Murray

Trying to no avail.. files are here if anyone can throw me a line it would be much appreciated. Right now I'm not getting any errors or anything so I'm drawing blanks.

I'm a total newb to Javascript and code. If you open the PSD you'll see I'm trying to toggle visibilit of "FeedMe", "AddButton", and "BucketList" view when user clicks "FeedMe" itself.

I've rearranged PSD later order. Played with opacity vs visibility property and no luck. Thanks for your help.

Files located Here:

Koen Bok

Invalid link :-/

Koen Bok

One thing to understand:
Opacity in photoshop = opaque image pixels
Opacity in Framer (on a view) = opaque view

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