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Eric Sargent
Posted Sep 27 - Read on Facebook

Trying to add a scroll view via Photoshop mask and adding scroll to the layer group name, but it does not seem to be working properly. Any advice. I am using windows and PS CS6 (64 bit).


Koen Bok

Make sure you have a group with other contents inside the masked group.

Johannes Eckert

A tip: maybe closing the photoshop file and deleting the framer folder (not your app.js) and rebuild can make it scrollable. I have a problem that changes to layer names are not picked up by framer until I I rebuilt the whole thing from scratch (using Photoshop cc)

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Koen Bok

Ah, yeah the caching is not always perfectly accurate :-/

Eric Sargent

Thanks, the combination of those did the trick!

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