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Koen Bok
Posted Sep 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. Jason is thinking about building Framer into a Photoshop panel. The starting point would be just running it. But he would love to hear ideas what we could build after that. Setting view properties in Photoshop UI? Maybe a full system with clicks and transitions like Thomas and Maykel built?


Thomas Aylott

I'm already mostly done with that. We should chat

Koen Bok

Well, Thomas meet Jason. Jason meet Thomas :-)

Thomas Aylott

I'm doing the new framer exporter thing as a node.js app using the new built-in Photoshop-node binary in Photoshop CC. It'll run as a Mac app, inside a panel or as a web app so you can use it from your phone

Aaron Carámbula


Danny Ruchtie

I would love to see support for more immersive effects (shaders and filters)

Framer is a great tool for prototyping webapps. But I would love to prototype more immersive effects for native applications.

I'm experimenting with my Framer project and CSS custom filters. But as you can imagine this goes a lot deeper than just prototyping.

Despite the lack of browser support CSS custom filters are pretty powerful and easy to learn.

Koen Bok

I'd actually love to add this, if it only were to get the iOS7 blur effect in there. Has anyone achieved something like that with custom shaders?

Koen Bok

Hmmm looks like it could work:

Thomas Aylott

I was planning to make this possible using Photoshop integration. As long as the blur radius doesn't change it should be doable for rectangular crops

Thomas Aylott

Koen, that fiddle works in chrome on Android

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